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What is Amplify?

Amplify is a curriculum and competition program for students in grades 3-5. At the heart of the Amplify curriculum are nine featured musical works that represent a wide range of centuries, countries, and styles. Throughout the year, a classroom curriculum guides students in active listening exercises as they discover the history behind the nine selected pieces. In the spring, students will compete as individuals and teams to correctly identify the title and composer of each piece.

For more information about the competition and official guidelines, click here.

How do I use Amplify?

  • Teachers: The Amplify curriculum is intended for use with upper elementary students (grades 3-5) but could be adapted for younger or older students. The nine lessons can be taught in a general music education classroom, a specialized music class (e.g. band, orchestra), or an extracurricular setting. No prior experience in music is required on behalf of the participants. We encourage you to use the nine lesson plans below alongside your regular curriculum and encourage/facilitate students to form school teams and prepare for the annual competition.
  • Students: You can prepare for Amplify on your own and compete as an individual! Use the provided materials to learn about the nine songs, and listen to them throughout the year as you familiarize yourself with the titles and composers. Click here to listen to all nine songs!

Dates to Know:

  • September 2016: All Amplify Lesson Plans available on the website
  • January 2017: Competition Information and Registration Forms Available on the Website
  • March 12, 2017: Preliminary Competition #1 (register by March 8)
  • April 8 (tentative), 2017: Preliminary Competition #2 (register by April 4)
  • April 30, 2017: District-wide Competition at ArtBreak (register by April 14)


Each lesson includes five sections:

  • A musical icon poster. The Amplify curriculum connects each work of music with a picture. This visual link will serve as a mnemonic to help students remember the title and composer. The icons are color-coded by musical period. Please hang the posters up in your classroom and refer to them often!
  • Behind the Music: The lesson introduction contains helpful information about the piece within its historical context.
  • Active Listening (10-15 minutes): Students are introduced to the piece through activities that seek to sharpen their listening skills.
  • Go Deeper: At least two suggestions of follow-up activities help students apply their new knowledge through performing, composing, or further listening. You can choose which activity or activities are right for your classroom!
  • Resources: Additional links and readings may be helpful to students and teachers alike.

Download the 2016 – 17 Lessons Here:


Click here to access the 2015-16 materials.

Click here to access the 2014-15 (Music Memory) materials.