Amplify is a curriculum program for students in grades 3-5, which could easily be adapted for younger or older students. Amplify can be taught in a general music education classroom, a specialized music class (e.g. band, orchestra), or an extracurricular setting. No prior music experience is required for participants.

All of the Amplify materials are available below as free downloads! At the heart of the Amplify curriculum are 17 featured musical works (eight in the first year; nine in the second) that represent a wide range of centuries, countries, and styles. A classroom curriculum guides students in active listening exercises as they discover the history behind each selected pieces.

If you use Amplify, please send any feedback, suggestions, and/or your students’ quiz results to Brett Andrews, Education and Community Engagement Manager, at

Each lesson includes five sections:

  • A musical icon poster. The Amplify curriculum connects each work of music with a picture. This visual link will serve as a mnemonic to help students remember the title and composer. The icons are color-coded by musical period. Please hang the posters up in your classroom and refer to them often!
  • Behind the Music: The lesson introduction contains helpful information about the piece within its historical context.
  • Active Listening (10-15 minutes): Students are introduced to the piece through activities that seek to sharpen their listening skills.
  • Go Deeper: At least two suggestions of follow-up activities help students apply their new knowledge through performing, composing, or further listening. You can choose which activity or activities are right for your classroom!
  • Resources: Additional links and readings may be helpful to students and teachers alike.

YEAR 1 (Released 2015 – 16):

YEAR 2 (Released 2016 – 17):


Click here to access the 2014-15 (Music Memory) materials.

This curriculum was made possible through a grant from the Community Foundation of North Louisiana and support .