The Painted Violins Project

The Painted Violins Project


Painted Violins Project ChairsThe Shreveport Symphony Orchestra’s Painted Violins Project is spearheaded by Jennifer Carsillo Butterman (Painted Violins Co-Chair & Musician) and Marian Dehan (Painted Violins Co-Chair & Manager/Outreach at The Oaks of Louisiana).

The activities of the Painted Violins Tour are being supported by the efforts of the Shreveport Symphony Guild. The Guild will be conducting their Shopping Card Event from October 16-25, and many of their Sponsors will serve as locations for the Painted Violins Tour.

The Shreveport Symphony invited 16 regional artists to paint or collage a violin that would then be raffled or auctioned. Each violin tells a different story and is a unique vision of the artist. Raffle tickets are $5 and will be available for purchase during the tour stops or at the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Office (616 Jordan St.), Monday-Friday from 9-5 PM. Three of the violins will be reserved for an auction that will occur during the Symphony’s annual gala event in 2015.

Proceeds will support the musical and educational mission of the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra allowing us to expand our impact on the community.

The violins will be on display at SSO concerts at the RiverView Theater.

PV ArtistsParticipating artists include:

To host a violin tour, please contact Leigh Anne Chambers, Director of Patron Advancement, at 318-222-7496 or