Directions & Parking

RiverView Theater parkingRiverView Theater is located at 600 Clyde Fant Parkway.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-20 Exit 19A to Spring Street and move to the far right lane. Turn right onto Milam Street. RiverView Theater is two blocks down on right at the corner of Milam and Clyde Fant Parkway.

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VALET SERVICE  – starts at 6:30 PM
Valet service is available at the front of RiverView Theater for a charge of $10.

PARKING (match the colors to the lot):

  • Red Lot: This new lot is available for Symphony concerts unless used by a festival or another major event. This should be your first choice for close-in parking since other parking closer to the riverfront could be full.
  • Blue Lot: This lot may be used for public parking or for overflow parking for musicians. If you come early, parking in this lot should be available.
  • Pink Lot: This is an excellent parking lot and not as far from the theatre as it appears to be. It’s well lighted and the walkway ramp is well lighted and has a gradual slope. This lot may be used by SciPort during evening events.
  • Yellow Lot: This lot is used first for valet parking and is then opened for public parking.