Current Open Auditions

Principal Cello:
The Shreveport Symphony announces auditions for Principal Cello.

Step 1: Complete the following registration form and upload your one-page resume within the form.

Principal Cello Registration Form – Click Here

Step 2: Preliminary round will be done by video submission. Audio only will be sent to the audition committee for evaluation.
Videos must be unedited, with excerpts from each piece recorded in one take. It is not necessary to record ALL excerpts in one continuous take. When submitting videos, you will be
asked to upload each piece separately (i.e., one video for concerto exposition, one video for all Beethoven 5 excerpts, etc.).

Video submissions should include:
Exposition of a standard concerto
Beethoven Symphony No. 5: mvt. II – mm. 1-10, 49-59, & 98-106
Mozart Symphony No. 35: mvt. IV – beginning to m. 54, & mm. 134-181
Strauss Don Juan: beginning to D
Submissions due by December 31, 2022

Applicants will be notified about if they have advanced to the finals by January 31, 2023.
Qualifying finalists will be invited to sit Principal for an SSO concert and complete a live audition while in Shreveport.
Live audition excerpts for finalists will be chosen from this list: Principal Cello Audition Excerpts List

If interested, please complete the registration form. Once you have submitted your form, Michele Gunn (SSO Librarian) will contact you about how and where to submit your videos.

If you have any questions, please email