1. What should I wear?
    There is no formal dress code; you will see people in everything from jeans to cocktail dresses. We’re not fussy. Wear what is comfortable for you and come enjoy the music.
  2. When should I arrive?
    At least 30 minutes before the concert begins. This gives you plenty of time to park, pick up your tickets if they are at “Will Call,” locate the bathrooms, find your seats, and review your program. Most Symphony concerts start on time, so this is not the occasion to which you want to be “fashionably” late!
  3. What happens if I arrive late?
    As a courtesy to all patrons, you will be seated by an usher at the first suitable pause. If you have pre-purchased tickets, they will be held for you at the Box Office.
  4. How long does a concert last?
    Most concerts are two hours including a 20-minute intermission.
  5. When should I applaud?
    At the beginning of the concert, the concertmaster will come on stage. The audience claps as a sign of appreciation to all musicians. After the orchestra tunes, the conductor (and possibly a guest artist) will come on stage. Everyone claps to welcome them, too. Then the music begins. Most classical pieces have several movements, and it is customary not to applaud at the end of these, but when the entire piece is over. When in doubt, watch the conductor; when the baton goes down and he turns to the audience, the piece is finished.
  6. What if I’ve misplaced my tickets?
    Call the Ticket Office at 318-227-8863 or come by the Box Office the night of the performance. We will gladly reissue your tickets.
  7. Are refreshments available?
    Refreshments are available for purchase before the performance and during intermission at each concert held at the RiverView Theater. Please note that all food or drink must be consumed in the lobby as none is allowed inside the theater.
  8. May I take pictures or record the concert?
    The use of still, video, digital camera, camera phones or audio recording equipment is strictly prohibited at all times.
  9. Do I have to turn off my cell phone?
    Yes! The same goes for pagers and alarm watches. Texting and tweeting can be very distracting for those around you, so please refrain! For doctors and emergency workers who are “on call” we request that you set your pagers or phones to the “silent” or “vibrate” setting.
  10. What if I have to cough?
    Everyone gets the urge to cough now and then. If you feel a cold coming on, please bring lozenges with you or ask the ushers for complimentary cough drops. Please unwrap all candies before the concert begins in order not to disturb those around you. If you absolutely can’t restrain yourself, it is perfectly acceptable to quietly exit the concert hall until you feel able to return to your seat.
  11. Does the symphony’s performance venue accommodate people with special needs?
    In accordance with the ADA, RiverView Theater is fully accessible to our patrons with special needs. Please be sure to mention the need for ADA floor seating when purchasing concert tickets.